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Door Services by Huang Kee.

Professional Door Construction Services

Doors provide access to a space or environment, whether in residential, commercial or industrial areas. Apart from the wide variety of designs available, the properties of every material selected are equally important as it determines the durability & its long-lasting factors.  
Types of door/gates:-
•  Acrylic Door
•  Aluminium Door
•  Aluminium Slide & Fold Door
•  Automatic Sliding Door
•  Bi-fold Door
•  Cabinet Door
•  Cubicle Door
•  Double-Leaf Door
•  Fibreglass Door
•  Fire-rated Door (PSB approved)
•  Glass Door
•  Louvre Door
•  Multi-fold Door
•  Single-Leaf Door
•  Solid Door
•  Sliding Door
•  Stainless Steel Door
•  Swing Door
•  PVC Folding Door
•  UPVC Doors
•  Variety Vinyl Chloride (VVC) Folding Door
•  Wrought Iron Gate
Types of window:-
•  Arch Window
•  Solid Window

Types of partition/divider:-
•  Acoustic Movable Partition
•  Variety Vinyl Chloride (VVC) Sliding & Folding Partition
•  Non-combustible Divider (FSB Standards)

Types of timber door material:-
•  Ash
•  Beech
•  Birdeye
•  Burl
•  Chengai
•  Cherry
•  Kapur
•  Lace
•  Maple
•  Merbau
•  Nyatoh
•  Oak
•  Pine
•  Ramin
•  Teak wood
•  Walnut
Door works and projects.